Haruka and Tomochika from UtaPri.

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Ran and Lum from Urusei Yatsura.

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uguu…. Opal-senpai…

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Virgilia and Gaap from Umineko.

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Ahiru and Rue from Princess Tutu.

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Shizune and Tsunade from Naruto.

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panels of bweebs&buttts 

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Shirona and Hikari from Pokemon DP.

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Dianna and Kihel from Turn A Gundam.

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Alice and Marisa from Touhou.

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16 songs. 1 hour and 6 minutes of gelphie. Listen here!

Us - Regina Spektor // No One Like You - Best Coast // How To Tame Lions - Washington // Laura - Bat For Lashes // Super Power - Beyoncè (feat. Frank Ocean) // Elephants - Warpaint // Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys // The Wire - HAIM // How Many Lovers - Jhameel // Heart Skipped A Beat - The XX // I Know You Care - Ellie Goulding // Say Something - A Great Big World // Afterlife - Arcade Fire // Two Way Street - Kimbra // Real Love - Regina Spektor // Enchanting Ghost - Sufjan Stevens

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Mikoto and Kuroko from Railgun.

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Sasha and Mikasa from AoT.

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Kanade and Tsubasa from Symphogear.

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NWS Pinkiedash I finished up some time ago! It’s nothing too saucy but I’m not comfy uploading it to DeviantArt so enjoy this ~tumblr exclusive~

Fullview: [CLICK]

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