Anonymous said: hey can you fix the tag on the luka/meiko wedding pic, meikos last name is not honma

Whoops, that’s not the first time I’ve mis-tagged poor Meiko, either. I trusted the Tumblr tag prompts and look what happened!


Late birthday gift for a friend. Emily and Ophelia.

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Anthy and Utena from RGU.

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Chibiusa and Hotaru from Sailor Moon.

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Madoka and Homura from PMMM.

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judging lurinemas revellers an old gelphie pastime

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Mio and Ritsu from K-On.

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Utsutsu and Hajime from Gatchaman Crowds.

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Vanille and Fang from FF13.
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Vanille and Fang from FF13.

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Still not over Savannah/Marti.

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Erza and Mirajane from Fairy Tail.

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Makoto and Rikka from DokiDoki Precure.

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Eas and Cure Peach from Fresh Precure.

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Le Sommeil by Gustave Courbet.


Cynthia and Yuma from Claymore, with some bonus het lolololololol

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